Whenever I read something that talks about the iPad ushering in the post-PC era, I can’t help but think that it’s wrong. It wasn’t the iPad that kicked it off; it was the iPhone. And it’s smartphones that will dominate it.

Tablet PCs, while very popular, will remain a form factor of the smart phone used primarily at home; a stopgap until smartphones improve to the necessary point.

Tablets provide a larger screen, better HW, and more power (in some cases), but ultimately most of these benefits will be available through smartphones at a level that satisfies most users’ needs.

At that point we’ll see the same thing that happened with laptops and desktop computers; most people will consolidate to one device. The mobility and portability offered by smartphones will more than offset the smaller screen size, which will be mitigated through docks or some other solution.

So what’s missing for this to happen? Amongst other things, a blended operating system like Windows 8 that will allow people to use both mobile apps and desktop apps off of their phones.

PS I wrote this blog post on my phone using voice dictation (and some manual editing). Pretty freaking cool.