I’m in the middle of refreshing my online home, a process that normally involves setting up a new center of gravity for all of the interesting and not-so-interesting things that I’m up to. Those things include my thoughts on any number of a wide range of topics that interest me, such as positive psychology, movies, music, and technology, a random assortment of photos, and the occasional video.

This is the 5th iteration that I’ve gone through by my count. The first version was a crappy AOL site that I set up in middle school, The Playground, which was devoted to videogame news. It was really just an outlet for me to gush about Final Fantasy VIII, which was looming large on the horizon at the time. In undergrad, I set up v2, a Wordpress site that I was hosting on a Debian box in my dorm room. It was a lot harder to get things going those days. V3 was my blog in grad school, kelloggmbaclassof2011.com. V4 revolved around my about.me page. It was kind of a lazy effort to consolidate all of the different sites and projects that that I had up.

With this latest and great version, I’m going to be paring things down to a much smaller handful of things that I regularly return to: a blog, my Twitter page, and an about page (TBD). I’m hoping that I can get back to writing on a regular cadence, but I’ll be taking it nice and slow. If I happen to stumble, then no worries, because I can always just fix it.